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Identity Theft Protection
 It has become critical to protect yourself against identity theft.
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 Many strategies are available to create safer places and brighter faces 
  • Communities, all over the world, use different strategies to create safer places.
  • The best strategy, is one that emphasizes an all inclusive approach and it can only be successful in a partnership between the community and local Government
  • Sometimes, crime is not the problem, but just a symptom of some other social problems. Identify those social issues and address them, then the crime problem will decrease.
  • Another problem with communities that do not feel safe, is the management of public space. If a public space is not well designed or well managed, criminals can utilize that space to commit crime. The general public consider this area as unsafe and avoid this area.
          How do we create safer places?
Let us all work together.
We can only succeed as a team.

Let us share information.

Let us listen to one another and
share our concerns.

Let us identify the real problems that make our communities unsafe.

Let us look for proper solutions to address the problems in our communities.

Let us implement these solutions in a
scientific and systematic way.

Let us be brave enough to evaluate the solutions and modify them if there is no impact on the problem.

The latest strategies around the world:

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